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Staffing shortages are the #1 problem for health systems. Over the last 3 years, labor spend has increased > 260% but revenues aren’t keeping up. Optimizing existing labor resources and filling staffing gaps efficiently is a must for every health system, but current staffing and scheduling processes are broken and antiquated. Nursing leaders are spending 50% of their time on manual scheduling tasks, while staffing decisions typically come down to a combination of phone-tag and guesswork.

Vitalize Care’s software enables health systems to optimize their labor resources and staff to real-time patient demand. We project saving each hospital customers > $2.5M in labor costs annually, while saving their frontline managers 2 - 3 hours/day in manual work by automating scheduling tasks.

We’ve already closed multiple 6-figure contracts with top health systems and have begun our first enterprise hospital implementation. We’ve raised $3.8M from Y-Combinator, Rebel Fund, Liquid2 Ventures, and healthcare angels including the CTO of Redox, CEO of Flexpa, CEO CareRev, and executives at top health systems.

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We're hiring for a second Founding Engineer to join our team and contribute to all aspects of our product. Our engineers take end-to-end ownership of features that ultimately help our early health system customers operate more efficiently and solve their biggest workforce challenges.

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